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200 Hour Certified Makeup Artist Training Course

Southwest Institute of Makeup Artistry offers the only 200 hour Makeup Artist Certification program in the Southwest.

Cost: $3,500 + tax (includes all kits and materials)

Our curriculum, The Anatomy of Makeup, not only maps out how to become successful in makeup application, but also in the art of networking, artistic collaboration, and getting hired. It also sheds light on industry secrets and details only known to Makeup PROs!

Current course schedule is 3 days per week:

Day Program:

Tuesday 10:00am-1:30pm

Thursday 10:00-1:30pm

Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm

10 Consecutive Weeks

Evening Program:

Tuesday 5:30-9:00pm

Thursday 5:30-9:00pm

Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm

10 consecutive weeks

(Students under 18 are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for details).

Complete 10 Week Course Material:

Beauty Makeup 101:

Facial Anatomy & Bone Structure Mapping

Tool Kit + Brush Basics

The Professional Artist’s Kit

Sanitation & Sterilization of Implements

Intro to Industry Expectations & Ethics

Beauty Makeup 201:

Intro to Beauty Makeup Application: Face + Eyes + Lips + Brows

Intro to Color Theory and Color Application

Bridal + Makeup for Weddings; Creating Looks for All Ages

Editorial & Makeup for Publication

Advanced Industry Expectations & Ethics

Beauty Makeup 301:

Advanced Beauty Makeup Application

Advanced Color Theory & Color Application

Advanced Editorial & Makeup for Publication

Intro to Mixing Mediums & Mixed Media Makeup

Portfolio Building, Networking, & Social Media Presence

Makeup for Film & Production 101:

Intro to Special F/X Makeup

Tool Kit Basics & The Professional Artist’s Set Kit

Sanitation & Sterilization of Implements

Set Etiquette & Talent/Artist Interaction

Film Union Expectations, Ethics, & Standards

Makeup for Film & Production 201:

Old Age Makeup & Advanced Contour Techniques

The Anatomy of Injury & Character Creation

Bruising, Abrasions, and Surface Injuries

Production Continuity

Bullet Wounds, Gashes, Knife Cuts and Adipose Injuries

Makeup for Film & Production 301:

Advanced Special F/X

Facial Hair Altering & Application

Male Talent Grooming

Intro to Molding & Prosthetics

This 10 week program is an immersive, comprehensive course that combines hands-on training with demo-based lectures. Students have 1 hour of theory on Tuesday/Thursday evenings, followed by Instructor demos, industry guest speakers, and field trips.

Students replicate each look prior to the demo on each other during class time. Sunday classes, referred to as “Clinic Sundays”, are dedicated to hands-on application for a full day (10-5pm).

It’s during this time that students are evaluated and graded by their instructors based on application ability, professionalism, brush use, product choice, set up station cleanliness, sanitation, and more. Students are expected to “book” no fewer than 2 people for each Clinic Sunday. This assures that they are continuously improving application skills and gaining the confidence it takes to succeed as a Professional Makeup Artist.

Students are also required to complete a total of 51 shadowing hours in the field with our industry partners in order to become 200 hour certified.

Investment:$3,500 + tax.

includes a complete beauty kit, SPFX kit, and all print materials including The Anatomy of Makeup curriculum.

Next start date(s):

9/24/19 Evening Program

9/24/19 Day Program

Spring 2020 Dates TBA

200 Hour Certification Makeup Artist Course
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